SimpleBar is a plugin that tries to solve a long time problem:
how to get custom scrollbars for your web-app?

SimpleBar does only one thing: replace the browser's default scrollbars with a custom CSS-styled scrollbar without losing performance.
Unlike some popular plugins, SimpleBar doesn't mimic scroll with Javascript, causing janks and strange scrolling behaviours...
You keep the awesomeness of native scrolling...with a custom scrollbar!

Design it as you want

SimpleBar uses pure CSS to style the scrollbar. You can easily customize it as you want! Or even have multiple style on the same page...or just keep the default style ("mac OSX" scrollbar style).

Lightweight and performant

Only 5kb minified. SimpleBar doesn't use Javascript to handle scrolling. You keep the performances/behaviours of the native scroll.

Supported everywhere

SimpleBar support every modern browser and IE9+.
It disables itself on mobile and device with "floating" scrollbars (macbook trackpad for example). But you can still force it if you want!